Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions that need to be answered? The experts at McMahon Automotive Group are happy to answer some general questions here. (If you have more questions, feel free to contact us for assistance.)



Q. How can I avoid all that leasing paperwork?

A. There will always be paperwork, but the real problem is finding a trusted professional who makes it all simple to understand. McMahon's Relationship Managers provide easy to follow directions through all the leasing ingredients, helping you find the best option for your favorite vehicle.

Q. If I want to lease a fleet, how can I be sure all my needs are met?

A. McMahon Automotive Group’s unbiased, exhaustive search methods ensure your company’s fleet needs will be met in full. We ensure the best pricing, expansive selection, research each vehicle’s history, and offer you the correct factory rebates and fleet incentives. Each fleet lease is unique, exclusive to your needs, and offers you the finest long-term value. We reset residuals and define terms based on each client’s specific plans for usage. Your plan is structured around your individual work, usage and mileage needs.

Q. Why can't I have any control over the ingredients of my lease?

A. You can with McMahon! As an independent automotive organization, we can offer you lease terms and options other dealers simply can’t match. From there, McMahon will personalize your lease, showing you all the ingredients and fine print details. All the information you request will be provided to you upfront. The end result is simple: you lease the perfect vehicle at a competitive rate, with no hidden ingredients.

New Sales

Q. Do individual buyers have access to fleet incentives?

A. At McMahon Automotive Group, we constantly receive special discounts and outstanding fleet pricing because of our volume purchasing clout. We work hard to obtain significant savings on our vehicles - and we are happy to pass those on to both individuals and fleet owners.

Q. Why am I limited to certain makes and models at other dealers?

A. You shouldn't be! Purchasing choices belong to you, not dealers. We believe in giving each member of our client family the same free, unbiased range of choices. Other dealers are bound by quotas and restrictions by individual manufacturers. By remaining independent, McMahon is able to provide you any make and model of vehicle.

Q. Do I have flexibility in financing options?

A. McMahon Automotive Group doesn’t believe one financing plan is right for everyone. Just as we pride ourselves on offering any make and model of vehicle, we will also work to match you with your ideal financing option.

Fleet Management

Q. What are the benefits of letting McMahon manage my fleet?

A. McMahon’s exhaustive, unbiased search covers all makes and models, new and used - ensuring you the best price and a comprehensive history of each vehicle. We assist you in determining how to lessen your fleet's depreciation. Our national maintenance network offers 24/7/365 assistance. We provide collision repair coordination and service, and stand by you for the entire life cycle of your fleet.

Q. Where can I find upfitting solutions for my fleet vehicles?

A. Many specialized fleets require specific equipment which is not included or available from the manufacturer. In these instances, McMahon Automotive Group is happy to provide your fleet’s vehicles with the necessary upfit equipment and packages to help your business or service group operate efficiently.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Q. Is it enough to say "Show Me the Carfax"?

A. Sometimes a Carfax doesn't tell the entire story of a vehicle's history. We don't think showing our clients the bare minimum is acceptable. That's why McMahon Automotive Group does an extensive background check of every pre-owned vehicle before it enters our inventory.

Q. Is it true McMahon Automotive Group will personally extend warranties on pre-owned vehicles?

A. Yes! We are so meticulous about which pre-owned vehicles come to McMahon that many times, we're willing to extend their warranty personally - even beyond what's been promised by the manufacturer! It's part of the McMahon commitment to our clients. We wouldn't present you with a pre-owned vehicle that we wouldn't buy for our own family members.

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