Pre-Owned Inventory

At McMahon, we want to inspire confidence. That means holding ourselves to the highest standards of selecting our pre-owned inventory. Our strict buying policy involves no wholesalers or outside buyers. We provide total transparency to our clients about a vehicle’s history. Our pre-owned inventory stacks up with the best.

Collision Repair

It’s going to be okay. Whatever your collision repair, rental replacement, or emergency needs, McMahon and our national partners will get you up and running in no time.

Freedom Of Choice.

Our independence equals your freedom. We offer you the freedom of comparing any make, any model that you choose. We don’t need to make any quotas; the only thing we need is to find the perfect vehicle for your unique needs. McMahon will find the vehicles you want, give you the information you need, and provide all the tools necessary to make the best decision. It’s just our job.


Our famous “McTips” are a service to you. We’ll teach you how to reduce vehicle-related expenses - read on!