Why McMahon?

We are in a position to tell the truth. Unlike many automotive companies, we aren’t dependent on or bound to one make, one model, or one set of options. We have been independent since 1987, and that allows us to be flexible. Our freedom saves you money. It offers you options. It brings you peace of mind.


Five Reasons to Choose McMahon

1.) Relationship-Oriented Business Practices.

You will work directly with a personal Relationship Manager who will treat you like family. We build client relationships on respect, sincerity and accountability.

2.) Serving Your Best Interest.

We have no bias towards any particular brand, make or model. Your best interest is our only concern.

3.) Knowledge and Experience.

We have over 40 years of direct experience in the automotive industry, and a commitment to learning and adapting our business practices over time. Whatever your need, we have the knowledge to fulfill it.

4.) Independence Equals Strength.

Our independence allows us the freedom to meet your demands. We don't have to operate around corporate red tape. If a deal makes sense, we will get it done for you. We have the ability to say "Yes!"

5.) Dependable Staff.

Our staff is held to the highest professional and ethical standard. Our experience and dedication to excellence provides you with long-lasting dependability.

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