Understanding Your Budget

Mar 19, 2018 | McMahon Highlights

Vehicles, whether for business or personal use, are a major part of everyone's budget!


Figuring out the right vehicle to lease or purchase within your budget can be a challenge. There are many considerations, such as depreciation, repairs, additional warranties, insurance and taxes, to name a few. All these items and more need to be incorporated into your budget when deciding on your next vehicle.

Whether you represent a company that needs service vehicles or a consumer just looking for your next vehicle, it is important to partner with a company that understands your needs, the best vehicle for you and your budget, taking depreciation, dependability and resale into account.

Many dealers use unclear advertising to make you think the cost of a vehicle is lower than it truly is. In most cases, the advertised price includes either a down payment or incentives that you do not qualify for. Additional fees due at delivery make it even more difficult to see through the weeds to identify your true costs.

McMahon never begins with price, but rather with a detailed conversation about what you are looking for in your transaction and how we can make it the perfect experience with no hidden nonsense. Give us a call the next time you are in the market for your new or pre-owned vehicle. You won't be sorry!