Windshield Wipers Ensure Safety

Jan 10, 2017 | McTips

In this McTip, learn four helpful hints to assure that your windshield wipers are always safe and in working condition.


Hazardous driving conditions are difficult enough without drivers having to contend with reduced vision. The proper care and installation of windshield wipers can ensure the safety and reliability you’ll need in adverse weather.

First, be sure to have fresh wiper blades on your vehicle.

Extreme temperature variations, ozone, ultraviolet light, pollutants and road chemicals speed the deterioration of the natural rubber used to make windshield wipers. Drivers should carefully examine their blades on a regular basis. Wiper blades should be replaced immediately if they leave streak marks on the glass or appear to be worn, torn or contaminated.

Second, have the arm tension checked.

Ice scrapers and car washes can cause damage resulting in the loss of arm tension. This interferes with the wiper’s contact against the glass causing streaking or uneven wiping action.

Always use a quality wiper fluid.

Check your fluid levels and keep an extra container in the trunk of your vehicle.

Finally, make sure the wipers are turned off and in the down position when turning off the vehicle.

Wiper blades that are frozen to the windshield can cause the wiper motor to burn out the next time the vehicle is started.