Anytime, Anyplace.

McMahon Automotive Group is headquartered in the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania. However, we know it's a growing world, especially when it comes to travel. Our network of body shops, roadside assistance crews, tow services, and emergency personnel stretches across the United States, ensuring you will always have someone to turn to in your time of need.


A National Safety Net

Whether you're an individual consumer or a fleet manager, McMahon Automotive Group goes the extra mile to ensure you and/or your drivers feel protected every time you get behind the wheel. We hope that none of our valued customers ever have an accident or collision, but if it happens we will make sure you are cared for properly. 


“I want to thank you for the excellent, caring ‘McService’ you provided after my accident.  I always thought of your company as efficient and honest, but the timely and personal touch you extended me during this difficult time did not go unnoticed.”

— Joanne Nenstiel

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