A New Sales Experience

Imagine a dealer with the freedom to put you in any make and model of vehicle. Imagine the ability to test multiple vehicles and brands at one location. Imagine getting an honest resale value on your trade-in. Imagine a dealer that doesn’t worry about meeting quotas, and gives you a real chance to compare your options. 

It’s not your imagination. It’s McMahon Automotive Group.


Maggie's Experience

If Maggie disliked anything, it was the feeling she was being ‘sold’. She was nervous about buying a new car. Her last experience was unpleasant, full of hassles and unwanted stress. Though she liked her current vehicle, she always wondered if she had gotten a good price - or if there was a better car out there for her.

With some hesitation, Maggie let a friend bring her to McMahon Automotive Group. She felt good about the warm greeting she received and the smiling faces around the building, but Maggie was still anxious. When she sat down with her personal Relationship Manager, she began to realize what a different place this might be.

Maggie’s Relationship Manager discovered Maggie was looking for a new four-door sedan, and arranged to have all three of the best-selling brands available for Maggie to test personally. From there, Maggie was presented all the financial information and options of each vehicle, and could compare which would save her the most money in the long run. Maggie was pleasantly surprised to learn that her Relationship Manager made no money off a ‘quota’, and was only concerned with finding the right car for her.

Maggie has owned her new car for almost a year, and she has built a friendly and comfortable relationship with her McMahon family. They call to give her service reminders, send her regular updates, and are happy to see her when she drops by.

Maggie experienced the ease and comfort of working with McMahon. Why shouldn’t you?

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