Outstanding Rebates

Our business relationships directly benefit our ability to save you money. With local, regional and national contacts, McMahon has access to rebates and incentives of all shapes and sizes. While many dealers might keep those to themselves, we believe it’s our responsibility to pass savings on to you in the form of lower payments and competitive pricing.


Fleet and Retail Incentives With McMahon

  • McMahon is not afraid to share fleet incentives and rebates with individuals and fleets.
  • Our Relationship Managers work hard to find you the most attractive offers.
  • Fleet incentives are often a dealer's best-kept secret. McMahon reveals them to you.
  • Often, dealers are eligible for multiple types of factory and financing incentives.
  • For example: Sometimes, dealers have the ability to offer multiple incentives as choices - such as "0% financing OR $3500 cash back".
  • Many dealers won't tell you that, and offer you the option that suits them best.
  • At McMahon, you are presented with ALL incentive options and given the opportunity to make the best choice.

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